‘Dash Dash: World’ private beta is being released on the Oculus and other platforms at the end of September

The Ultimate VR Combat Kart Racing Game

September 19, 2019 – Virtual reality racers start your engines, because the private beta for Dash Dash: World is set to begin at the end of September. It’s almost time to strap on your VR headset and race to your heart’s content, so prepare for an immersive racing experience that mixes classic kart-racing gameplay with explosive action.

We know that you’re all raring to jump into the extreme world of competitive kart racing, and the wait is almost over! Dash Dash: World has a significant set of customization, courses, and weapons to utilize, and it’s almost time for you to get your hands on it all. Players can look forward to swapping paint and destroying their opponents when the private beta rolls out on September 30. Due to the immense interest in our beta, we’re happy to welcome racers both new and experienced to the wonderful world of Planet Carbo.

You’ll have plenty of content to look forward to when the private beta launches, including fully customizable characters to match your aesthetic preferences. Before you put the pedal to the floor, you’ll get to create your very own racer, outfitting them with a wide range of cosmetic items. You’ll want to look your best too, because the winner of each race gets some time in the spotlight to show off their look. With over 100 costume options, you’ll be turning heads on the track with sleek and unique pieces of clothing.

Watch Out for Obstacles in These Imaginative Race Tracks

Prepare to envelope yourself in a virtual world packed with color and bursting with imagination! There are multiple courses to race on, so be prepared to learn the tracks and capitalize on shortcuts. If you find yourself falling to the back of the pack, worry not! There are dozens of weapons and power-ups to use against opposing racers, including explosives, speed boosts, and hefty energy blasts! The action is a bit more hectic than what you’ve seen in other kart-racers, so be prepared to inflict maximum damage on your competition with hefty weaponry.

Racers will have their first taste of Dash Dash: World when the private beta releases on September 30th. VR enthusiasts can look forward to playing the full game soon as additional platforms are announced! The developers at MOTIONX STUDIO are hard at work on additional content as well, with planned updates to add new maps, weapons, and customization options. Be sure to start playing Dash Dash: World as soon as possible so you can get a leg up on the competition!

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