Dash Dash: World – UPDATES!

New features and public beta coming to you at lightning speed!

Attention all virtual reality fans! The beta for Dash Dash: World is already underway, and the response has been impressive. The developers at MotionX Studios have plenty of planned updates coming soon, which will be bringing the beta to more platforms. Players looking to hop into the bright and explosive world of VR kart racing won’t have to wait too long, as the beta will be expanding to more platforms soon. Plus, new updates are coming soon with more customization content and new gameplay features to keep the racing refreshing.

Although our private beta has been exceptionally popular, we absolutely have plans to open up the experience to even more players. We have an open beta planned for the coming months, where users will be able to sign up and get instant access. Your wait is almost over, so fret not if your invitation has yet to arrive. You’ll be drifting, using power-ups, and slashing through the competition in no time at all. In addition to our current platforms, we are planning on bringing the Dash Dash: World beta to both the Rift and Quest platforms! PlayStation VR users, we hear your excitement and are currently working on getting Dash Dash: World onto the PSVR platform as well. We’ll have more news to share regarding PSVR in the coming months.

New features and mechanics added to the list!

Enough about new platforms, though! Let’s talk upcoming Dash Dash: World features and mechanics. We know you’re loving the current beta, but the fun is just beginning. Our next updates will focus on a variety of mechanics and player compatibility, as well as new options and gameplay features. We have plans to institute weekly ladders and overall online leaderboards, as well as improved matchmaking and the ability to find friends from all across the globe. There will also be multi-region selection, giving you even more control over online preferences. As always, we’ll be adding in new items and features, including new steering options, improved graphical quality, and tighter gameplay. Tutorials will be getting overhauled as well, providing a better experience for first-time players. New racing modes are also in the works, including an offline mode and a challenging pro racing mode. These new modes will show off the improved A.I. optimization, offering a more rewarding challenge. Racers will be able to show off their personality with even more unique customization options for both vehicles and in-game avatars. We’ve been listening closely to users on our Discord, ensuring that all updates focus on the content that you want to see. We’re hoping to provide even better customer support in future updates as well.

In order to keep yourself current with the latest Dash Dash: World news, we recommend you join our Discord server and pay attention to our website. On our Discord server, you’ll find tons of other Dash Dash: World fans to chat with, and we also encourage you to share your thoughts on the current beta. When it comes to updating the game, we look at your suggestions first and foremost. No recommendation or idea is too small for us, we love hearing what players have to say. With so many new updates coming, we want to ensure that you’re having the best VR kart racing experience you can have. Don’t be afraid to join the Discord and share your thoughts on how we can make Dash Dash: World even better.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

Be prepared to enter the crazy kart racing world of Carbos, where you’ll race against both friends and foe in heated competition. The Dash Dash: World beta will be arriving on all your favorite platforms in the near future. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the beta so far, and we’re looking forward to opening up the floodgates and letting even more people check the game out. Until then, keep spinning those wheels and taking out your opponents in the most adrenaline-pumping VR kart racer there is; Dash Dash: World!

4 thoughts on “Dash Dash: World – UPDATES!”

  1. Hi, I have been looking at dashdash kart for the oculus quest for some time desperately wanting to try it out, is there any chance I could be included in the closed beta please?

    1. Will steering wheels be compatible on PSVR? This game already looks way better than Touring Karts, but TK giving you the ability to play with both a wheel and move controller at the same time just looks so perfect. Wheel compatibility would probably make this game a 10/10 for me, especially since the list of wheel compatible PSVR games is so small!

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