Developers Update #1

It’s the season of appreciation and holiday festivities… and the Dash Dash Crew have a few surprises in store for you!

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Thanks to all of you for making our closed beta a success. With you chiming in on what’s really important and fun in a kart racer, we’ve been taking all of your feedback and suggestions and implementing them in the game.

And because we want to make sure everything is solid before it’s released, regrettably we’re going to postpone the launch to early next year.

No one likes to be late to the show, but keep your spirits high for the holiday season! Even though we can’t release the game for Christmas, our Santa’s Little Helpers have been working hard on these new content and improved features:

  • More fun and exciting new tracks that will literally take you off the edge of your seat
  • Performance Customization including kart customization and engine tuning, especially for those tight corners
  • Pro Racing Mode for serious fender benders with skills that will crush records
  • Leaderboard, Ladders, Quests, and Crews – we rollin’ deep! Choose your team wisely, your rep depends on it.
  • Fully Immersive Controls as promised: classic, tilt, and wheel grip controls, depending on your style
  • Oculus Quest, Rift, and PSVR visual and audio optimizations, improved graphics and sound effects

Get ready to grab your crew and race together in our Multiplayer mode – it’s cross-platform and coming to PC and PSVR!

Improved graphics, unique tracks, exciting races await!


With the holiday season coming up, the dev team can’t wait to reveal why we’ve been lying low for the past three weeks. Hope everyone is open to receiving a surprise, and ready to blast your friends through to the winner’s circle.

Exclusive giveaways and in-game items await in the next build as well, stay tuned!

Sofia has major reveals for you – it’s going to be a total makeover!

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  1. Awesome! It will be well worth waiting for, I play everyday, just love it! Can’t wait for the surprises! 😃😃😃😎😃

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