MOTIONX STUDIO is releasing the action-packed multiplayer VR kart racing game this fall on Oculus Quest

Fully Customizable Karts and Personal Characters

September 9, 2019 – MOTIONX STUDIO announced today that it will be launching their second VR game ‘Dash Dash: World’ the highly anticipated VR kart racing game with drifting, full-hand weapons and power-up controls. Fun for both beginners and experienced players. The game offers complete character and kart customization for a very personalized player experience.

Dash Dash: World lets online players instantly match against each other and race on beautiful themed tracks full of fun obstacles and loot boxes – with cheeky references to pop culture. Set in a world full of friendly and whimsical alien robots, called the Carbos, who transport players onto racing tracks via their magic AR headsets, players can choose from over 20 fully customizable karts as well as creating their own unique virtual version of themselves.

From grenade throwing to pulling a trigger, to smashing friends with a frying pan, players can discover and use unique weapons during the race. Achievement badges and winning trophies can also be collected at the end of the race – where you can also show off your victory dance in style.

Show Off Your Badges and Trophies

Expect Dash Dash: World on Oculus Quest at the end of October, and it will soon be available on all other platforms.

MOTIONX STUDIO specializes in advanced VR and AR games and simulators, producing fully immersive games with beautiful graphics and engaging storylines. Last year it launched XALT : Last Stand, a single and local co-op wave defense VR shooter game on the Oculus Store.

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