Ready, set, DASH!

The Ultimate VR Kart Racing Game

Hello World.

We’re the dev team from MOTIONX STUDIO working on our newest title called ‘Dash Dash: World’ – a fast-paced multiplayer VR kart racing game with speed, drifting and immersive controls.

We started working on this game with quite a bit of nostalgia for the racing classics, then we added a twist of pop culture and features that would challenge both beginners and veteran players who are looking for something exciting on the VR platform.

Right off the drawing board, our creative team envisioned Dash Dash to have a series of beautifully themed tracks laced with challenging obstacles. Players can take their fully customizable karts for a spin, and nuke their friends using an assortment of full-hand weapons and power-up controls. At the end of the race, we’ve given players the opportunity to show off their victory dance and trophies in style – not only you can pimp your own ride, but you can also choose from 100+ outfits for your racer avatar.

Full Character & Kart Customization

The Story Behind Dash Dash: World

We’re an international team of avid gamers and developers with a passion for making beautiful, high quality games and we wanted to create a platform where anyone could get together and have fun. And Dash Dash: World was going to reflect that.

The story behind this title’s conception is seen through the eyes of the friendly alien robots from the fictional planet Carbo. They stumbled upon us while browsing the Earth Channel on TV – that was how they fell in love with Formula 1 and created Dash Dash Academy. As a result of their wacky experiments and inventions, the ultimate VR kart racing with crazy weapons was born.

Get ready to be transported to Dash Dash: World – where only your imagination is possible.

Brief Introduction to the Carbos

2 thoughts on “Ready, set, DASH!”

  1. Wow! Really looking forward to it, as I’ve said on Twitter. Huge Kart racing fan and this sounds awesome.
    Leigh First 15 Minute Gamer

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